About Us

Specialists in hand built wood composite kayaks canoes and dinghy’s

These kayaks, canoes and dinghy’s are

Light weight

More robust

Easily repairable

Low maintenance

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Individually built



We build some boats as a standard but the highest percentage of our builds are for craft that are adapted for the individual customers requirements.

Standard builds use a marine plywood sheathed in fibre glass and epoxy resin with painted hulls and interiors leaving the decks varnished so as to see the beauty of the wood.

For anyone wanting a super light weight kayak canoe or dinghy we can build using the same technique but instead of plywood using Core-cell. This is a close cell foam material that once sheathed is as strong as wood, as easily repaired and maintained.

It is possible to do the whole boat in this material, but most of our customers who have taken this option have still kept a wood deck. By doing this the finished boat looks the same as the standard material, with its gleaming wood decks and coamings, but up to 30% lighter.

Mill Creek canoe built from standard wood throughout

Decked sailing canoe
built from Core-cell foam