Deiea Serices

Specialists in hand built wood composite kayaks canoes and dinghy’s

How to have a kayaks, canoes or dinghy designed for you.

Why settle for a boat that nearly meets your needs when you can get the ideal boat from us.

We are able to design and build a watercraft to meet all your personal requirements at a very competitive price.

The basic information that we need to begin your design.

1. What type of boat you would like for example canoe, kayak or dinghy.

2. The type of construction for example single or multi chine, striped or clinker plank.

3. Length and beam. When deciding this consider where you will store the craft and how you will be transporting it. This will also be influenced by what you want to use the craft for, for example racing, touring or fishing.

4. Weights of the paddlers or crew and how much payload or cargo you would like to carry.

5. What water conditions you want to use it in for example rivers, white waters or coastal sea.

6. Do you want to paddle, row, sail or use a motor or a combination of these.

This will give us the base on which to start your design. There will be many more questions that we will ask before the design is done. Often in the process of designing we find measurements that will not give us a finished boat to meet your requirements and we will need to consult with you over which option that is available you would like.

There is a deposit required for designing a boat and once you are happy with the final design we ask for your signature to the design and final payment for the design. This will include a general assembly drawing with hydrostatics.

You will be given a build cost which will be valid for 8 weeks. It is your choice then whether we start immediately to build your craft or you wish to wait a while. If you wish to delay the build longer than 8 weeks there may be a change in build costs, depending on material costs.

The designs and relevant design rights remain with the designer unless you wish to purchase the rights and designs.