Specialists in hand built wood composite kayaks canoes and dinghy’s

All the pictures link to the full details of each group.

Bayside Children’s kayaks.

Sea kayaks designed by Harbour Boats for children and small adults

Chesapeake 14 Sea kayaks.

14foot sea kayak for all ages and skills.

Chesapeake 16’s Sea kayaks.

Fast stable sea kayaks for all ages and skills.

Chesapeake 17’s Sea kayaks.

Excellent choice of touring or racing kayak

Chesapeake 18 Sea kayaks.

18 foot sea kayak very fast stable kayak

Chesapeake 21’s Sea kayaks.

This comes in a 2 or 3 person version

Mill Creek Decked Canoes

Choice of 3 sizes for fishing or relaxing fun

Decked Sailing Canoes

Choice of sizes for the ultimate sailing experience on a budget.

Pram 7.8

Designed by Harbour Boats with exceptionally high freeboard and carrying capacity

Classic Pram 7.9

Traditional boat for fun any time

Classic Stem Dinghy

Clinker built style and elegance

Flat Skiffs

Flat bottom rowing to get into the shallowest of waters.

V10 Dinghy

V bottomed sailing fun

Cat Dinghy

Stability and performance to gives years of sailing fun.

Corsair’s Sailing Dinghy’s

Versatile sailing dinghy to learn with and enjoy for many years.

Example of a personal designed boat

The result of a customers dream a boat he has great fun with.